Our Focus Social Media Marketing.; Search Engine Optimisation.; Google Adwords.; Pay Per Click Advertising.; Remarketing.; Digital Video Advertising.; Conversion Rate Optimization.

We can make it bigger. Or smaller. More importantly, we can make your logo resonate and mean something.

Your brand has a story to tell, your logo is the invitation to listen.


Digital Marketing that drives targeted traffic

Come with us and we’ll demystify digital and take you to the possibilities – creating engaging campaigns and impressive content that has ROI tattooed on their inner thighs

Facebook Advertising

We use the best of those tools to uncover little-known sources of leads for your business.


Key phrases that are bang on to take you up the rankings and increase traffic.

Content Marketing

Build content and they will come, but it has to be the top-notch content – valuable, relevant and consistent.

#Rethink Digital Marketing: it’s an Investment

Our Search Engine Optimisation Strategy and Approach

Long-term, Content-led Approach

Let’s get you swimming with the big fish using smart and intuitive SEO. No-one likes a shy or retiring brand, so we recommend a long-term, content-led approach. We’ll build an understanding of your products, services, and audience and then show you where we can make improvements with content strategy and content marketing. With Elev8 Media’s education and training, you’ll not only start seeing real value for money but also have the joy of watching your business or brands grow in stature. Arise, and reap the rewards.

What is #RethinkSEO?

At Elev8 Media, we believe in more than a one-and-done approach to SEO. For truly sustainable results, SEO requires a complex infrastructure for lasting, 1st page Google search results.

#RethinkSEO™ is Elev8 Media’s unique, innovative approach to a full-spectrum lifestyle of SEO – one which has the power to achieve 1st place Google search results and sustain that presence placing you directly in front of your target audience.

SEO Strategy, Planning and Audits
Keyword Research, Analysis and Content Syndication Strategy
Conversion and Performance Optimization
Mobile SEO, Organic and Paid Campaign Strategy