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Converting site visitors is not easy. Simple as that. A lot can go wrong; your landing page may not be optimized, leading to high bounce-rates, your

Is your business doing social media right? 10 questions to ask yourself

It is vital you know who your audience is so you aren’t directing your content at the wrong people. It is great to get people engaging with you but

What is Integrated Marketing?

We also need to plan our communications around cross-device usage to reach what comScore rightly highlight as the Multichannel majority and to

How A Pro-Active Approach To Brand Safety Avoids Advertising Against Undesirable Content

It’s important that media suppliers continue to help crack down on negative sites and ad fraud. However, proper campaign verification and an

Data Driven Decisions

Data visualisation, modelling & forecasting are all hot topics at the moment, but what does all this mean and what insight can be driven from the

Facebook video covers, Linking Instagram stories and Gif buttons

Social Media Essentials Welcome to our first weekly summary of what’s happened in social media. We highlight the top stories to help you stay

5 secrets from top brands to inspire your Twitter Marketing Strategy

Twitter remains one of the most popular social media platforms and it’s recognized by brands as a way to facilitate customer and user engagement.

How E-commerce Brands Are Evolving and How to Keep Up

Research suggests many people are getting fed up of being ‘sold to’ thanks to incessant retargeting, yet we’re buying online more than ever

3 Ways Artificial Intelligence Will Affect Marketing in 2017

Are you embracing AI to improve your ad campaigns? Throughout the last year, artificial intelligence (AI) and its multitude of uses for marketing